Speculations The world thinks Kaido > Shanks because they don’t understand Haki

Gol D. Roger

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Shanks is not stronger than Kaido, but the reason why peeps might think he's stronger is that he's one of the only people in the series who can potentially defeat him as he has the perfect tools to counter Kaido.
What performance? Getting beaten by rookies who were learning haki and DF awakening?
Losing despite getting help from another yonko?
Your idols masters recognized that Base Luffy vs Kaido was a world class battle, then Luffy went G4 and then he got a huge boost with G5. Their words>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your troll posts about Luffy and co still being “rookies” .
No it's just Fans who don't understand what Strongest means, not everything is about who wins

Roger can have a Draw against WB but can he destroy the World or even make people think he could? Ofc not

This is why WB was called Strongest while Kaido was even more Dangerous due to his Body, this is also why Teach called himself Strongest when he acquired two DFs ... etc

The idea is very simple, anyone can be considered Strongest depending on how you define the word and judge Abilities

Roger, Kaido, WB, Shanks, Mihawk, Blackbeard, Big Mom, Dragon ... etc can all be called "Strongest" , no answer is correct or wrong

Even when Oda creates Movie Characters, he made Bullet and Uta who can also be called Strongest by some for example, cuz it won't damage anyone's Hype, OP World is full of Powerful People, each in a different way

But personally I rank them based on how Oda ordered their Hype, he started with WB then switched all Hype towards Kaido and now he wants Fans to only be excited about Shanks Power and he is leaving Mihawk, Dragon and BB in reserve for later, so I say:

BB > Dragon > Mihawk > Shanks > Kaido > WB

WB was used as Hype for BB
Kaido was used as Hype for Luffy
Shanks will be used as Hype for ???
Mihawk will be used as Hype for Zoro
Dragon will be used as Hype for Final Villain

It's just a Hype Train
But tbh any Top 10 is Correct


Yes actually? 99.99% percent of the OP population doesn’t know about Haki. It’s very rare to see Haki outside of the New World
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Shanks shall expose more than one title as fraudulent :cheers:
meaning you know more about it than the ones who use it as well
Let‘s ignore the fact that Oda is an atrocious writer, that he fumbled and hates his antagonists, the fact that Kaido didn‘t have an awakened form (his awakened form should be the one that we saw the in laughtale booklet - i know it was actually meant to be his hybrid form, but realistically that should‘ve been his awakaned form) & mostly that Oda thinks he is Shanks:

This fight is a big 50/50. Kaido‘s haki level was already ridiculously high, but seemingly Shanks‘s is even scarier in terms of haki Shanks is stronger than the formidable high level haki user that Kaido is.

Now the question is how much Kaido was actually nerfed in terms of AP & island level attacks and the fact that he nerfed himself by carrying Onigashima. Endurance & stamina should go to Kaido. Kaido is ridiculously fast, but Shanks may even be faster.

If Kaido had an awakened form I would definitely go with him, but other than that yeah it‘s high diff fight for either with Kaido barely standing over Shanks.
Mihawktards/Zorotards coping for the L with ZKK by trying to push Shanks>Kaido and in turn trying to say Mihawk>Shanks>Kaido.
Kaido one shots the worthless Yonko commander fodder Mihawk and 2 shots Shanks. Cope Mihawktards/Zorotards. Lmfaoo.
What does Mihawk or Zoro have to do with this discussion? You got them on your mind more than Mihawk or Zorotards. Get their dicks out your mouth.

Kaido had to cheat just to beat Oden. Overrated. Both Shanks and Mihawk would slice and dice him.