Future Events Their Agendas aside if those 2 were to make a Alliance for going after the World Gouvernement is there any Crew/Group/Organization who can stop them?

we don't know how strong is imu or how strong are the gorosei but with three admirals and dozens of vice admirals and tens of thousands of fodders the world government can stop them
5 Gorosei + 9 Holy Knights

7 Seraphims(Final versions) + Kong + CP-0(Lucci etc) + WG army of 190+ countries allied with WG

^^(S Hawk final version will surpass Mihawk...Zoro will beat Mihawk & become WSS & will defeat S Hawk final version[which will be stronger than even Mihawk] to reach or surpass Sword God Ryuma level hype).

Akainu + Kizaru + Fujitora + Ryukogya + Sengoku + Garp + 100,000+ Navy soldiers.

The Holy Knights:

Imu-Sama = Y+ level
Gorosei power = closer to the sun =higher / = size of planet =higher

closer to sun theory:

Jew Peter(weakest)
Saturn(2nd weakest)
Markus Mars(3rd weakest)
V. Nusjuro (2nd Strongest)

size theory:

Jew Peter(strongest)
Saturn(2nd strongest)
Venus(3rd strongest)
Mars(4th strongest)

Figarland = YC1 level
No.2 = YC2 level
No.3 = YC3 level
No.4 = Perospero level
No.5 = Oven level
No.6 = Daifuku level
No.7 = Tamago level
No.8 = Amande level
No.9 = Compote level


Im convinced hes stronger thsn commanders like them.
Buggy is the head of Cross guild lol Mihawk has to clear it with him so it’s not happening.

You missed the "(hypothetically spoken)"

Also Mihawk and Croco give a shit buggy is their Pet now :myman:
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Never thought I’d see Oven wank

Oven is my favourite Big Mom Pirate. He was a Savage and the Anime did him justice he got the best Animation sequences
They even replace Mihawk so...............as strong as Mihawk was, the WG/Marines still have so many powerhouses and aren't that broke for losing him, the alliance is still weaker than Kaido + Big mom alliance (considering Big mom whole pirates are included)

The WG would beat prime WB and Roger pirates alliance, so let that sink in........
If they are not restricted in how much destruction they can cause Fleet admiral and 3 admirals are enough to destroy them and their entire crews .
Add Doffy to CG + RHP then I see it happening. Doffy knows the insides of WG. Croc has the underworld. Shanks seems to have royalty. Those knowledge/connection bases would be the difference. No need to fight the WG head on. Go underground/guerilla-style and pick off the WG power players 1-by-1. Cut off the head and the body dies.