Speculations There is a huge opportunity for Zoro's story, and character development.

For the Zoro doesn’t fight for revenge stuff.

Like I said, don’t think it will happen.

But it’s not outside the realms of possibility that, say, a 17 y.o. Zoro did kill the man who killed his father, realised it didn’t bring him anything and that’s why modern day Zoro doesn’t like fighting for a reason like that.
That could be another possibility. Zoro already did seek revenge, and learned it didn't solve anything. Which is why his principles are the way they are now.
What if Shanks is the mastermind behind everything that happened to the strawhats? :crazwhat:

He inspired Luffy.
He killed Zoro's father.
He gave Sora the lunarian drug.
He killed Nami's parents
He convinced Yasopp to leave Usopp and his mother.
He informed the Gorosei about Ohara

Franky's parents might be in Shanks crew too :hope:

And what about the Hito Hito no mi Chopper ate? Who brought it on Drum? :crazwhat:

Was Saint Mjosgard running away from Shanks when he reached FMI? Who captured Fisher Tiger? :crazwhat:

Zoro Killing Shanks? :snoopy:
Honestly, I don't think it'd suit Zoro's character. In the same SBS, Oda mentioned how Luffy and Zoro don't really talk about the past.

They're not ones to dwell on what's happened, so Zoro all of a sudden basing his lifelong dream on revenge due to childhood trauma seems a little out of character.

Plus, would it be nice if Zoro had a decent backstory plotline? Yes, but ultimately I don't think Oda cares enough. It'd be great if there was something though.
If Oda won’t tell us his story then damnit, I’ll make it up myself.
The scene does imply he found the Pirate he was looking for, and after everything was settled, he couldn't find his way back to the village.

And it would explain the Pirate Hunter Epithet, if he was going around asking for a certain pirate. And during that time he got into the thousand duels that he was victorious in.
And then we found out that this guy is Mihawk

How did Zoro know about Mihawk while living in Shimotsuki Village, when the people on the Baratie didn't?

Not to mention, Zoro himself implies he tried to get back to his village, but got lost and couldn't. Why would he try to go back home when he didn't even meet Mihawk yet? He's not the type to just give up.

Seems like he learned about Mihawk after the fact of leaving his village.

Garp the Fist

And then we found out that this guy is Mihawk

I’d say that Oda could retcon it without it really effecting much. Thanks to Zoro not specifying the man by name in Chapter 8, the door is open to that. Followed one man out to sea, was looking for another man later when Zoro first met Johnny and Yosaku.

Like I said i don‘t think that Oda will go the revenge route- I don’t even think Oda will go any route- but there is room to tell that story if he wants to.

Like, this man did add Sabo and Uta into Luffy’s background, and a whole extra family to Sanji’s. What is being suggested to Zoro is way more low-key than both of them.
Revenge aside, there is more to the post than that. Mainly his inspirations.

And also doesn't him wanting to honor his pact with Kuina, go against him saying he doesn't fight with a motive?

But this scene is interesting. Why of all characters did Oda draw a scene for Zoro, asking him if he seeks revenge.
Could have already had that revenge at one point and got sickened by it.

He also told Luffy he wouldn't become a criminal, yet we find out his mother was a criminal.