Future Events Things you want to see happen in the story (including things that can't happen anymore)

- alliance getting slaughered in Onigashima and several characters dying
- Brook using these kind of attacks
- Usopp getting captured and tortured by powerful enemies, refusing to give them informations and giving them the finger while claiming Luffy will become the PK
- Sanji using Rankyaku
- Reiju falling in love with another girl
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A strawhat or two dead. To give one piece mature and "the protagonists isnt safe" vibe. But it wony happen i guess.
You don't really need that to create maturity and isn't safe feelings. Its just on how its written.
Luffy solo kaido....dont get me wrong i love one piece but the pace is incredibly slow, dragged to the point where i dont care about hidden misteries in one piece anymore
Just want to see a great fight and be done with it, if oda really want to write a long ass story but only draw fight scene like 6 - 7 pages per year might as well write a novel
- A DF eater actually drown
- Orochi get all 8 of his asses kicked
- Luffy & Brook make friends w/ Apoo
- Nami & Robin make the Franky super pose
- Somebody launches Chopper from the sky for a Monster Point Body Slam
- Bartolomeo saves all the SHs
- Garp v. Dragon v. Luffy
- Usopp: King of Elbaf
- Mihawk gets into a fist-fight