General & Others Things you'd never expect happen when you started One Piece that ended up happening


The Road To Harmony
I never thought Ace would actually die. That Luffy would have to fight two emperors at once. Luffy would receive such a gigantic bounty increase from 500m to 1.5b, thinking it would be more incremental increases from here on out. Kaido had a kid. Shusui and Ryuma would factor so little in the Wano arc. Brook would receive as much shine as he did in WCI, looks even more like an outlier with how little he's factored in Wano so far.


Oda's accuser
I didn't expect Kaido to end up so weak comparing that to the WSC title expectations. Specifically when the immortality stuff had gotten set up. :)

Also didn't expect Ace to die in such a way although I could foresee him dying in the very arc.