Powers & Abilities Third Blackbeard Fruit

Barba NegraBlackbeard já tem a Paramecia mais poderosa, a mais devastadora Logia, segundo a própria história do mangá. Neste ponto, o Zoan mais poderoso / útil está faltando.
ESo who do you think will die and have their fruit stolen? Kaido for being more powerful or March for being more useful? (BB doesn't have super regeneration yet, and the March fruit is almost intangible as a logia).
Chopper, i said it before guys. Blackbitch wants the human human fruit to obtain "illumination" to get instahaki, both armament and observation.
He will notice chopper after he became the savior of the smile users kkkkkkk sopa do macaco
At best he will try to take sengoku's devil fruit hito hito no mi model zoan.

Now why do i think blackbeard will have interest in the devil fruit is he wants to be above than anyone in the planet.

This or chopper's devil fruit will interest him, so sengoku will be killed by Blackbeard in future arcs .