Chapter Discussion Thoughts on Ryokugyu/Green Bull's reveal

Finally, Admiral Greenbull was revealed. What did you think of Ryokugyou's reveal or should I say....Aramaki.

What did you think of his DF reveal?
What did you think of his design?
What do you think you will do against the Alliance?
My Opinion: Seeing him negging diffs King and Queen has already earned all my respect
1.) In retrospect, a plant based DF seems....underwhelming for an Admiral. However its introduction and usage was pretty amazing and impressive. So yh hes DF ability is pretty fricking great.

2.) Hes a chad. Not much else to say.

3.) Defeats them and Momo/Sukiyaki make a bargain for their release
I think it's a fine design. I'm not as hyped about it as I was about Fujitora's, though. A bit underwhelmed, honestly. Sucks because Oda had been knocking these designs out of the park lately.

EDIT: The actual introduction is great, though. I love how Oda made the plant ability look incredibly terrifying and sadistic.


Good design but that sunglasses makes him look like a fodder VA he looks good without it
It's a shame that the full body reveal has him with the sunglasses. I think Oda overuses sunglasses on his male character designs, and it makes Ryokugyu look less unique.
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