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Like what we know that the last time we see pedro is at WCI blew himself to helped the crew. That mean much or less he is dead, but like Dr hiluluk said, "a man dies when he is forgotten". I dont want pedro to die, I dont want pedro to be forgotten. So I make this thread about the great things that I see from Pedro character. I'm gonna make it simple and quick. Hope you like it

Pedro is the leader of guardians group of minks that work under nekomamushi command to guard whale forest at their nocturnal hour.

Pedro is a jaguar minks. The funny thing is that jaguar really likes to be in the tree just like pedro. Most of the time pedro is seen on the tree and hardly on the ground

If he is going to be SHs, there is no better position than lookout, scout, night watch because he is familiar with night hour, always on the tree and lurking. Luffy failed twice to detect his presence

Also, jaguar is a crepuscular animal meaning the peak of its activity is dusk and DAWN. Somehow connected to his dream, kinda poetic.

Pedro's Dream

Pedro's dream is to sail with Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. Because of it did not meet his expectation, later on he decide to sail to the sea. He want to see the Dawn of the World and decide to help finding road poneglyph for nekomamushi

+ He was captain of nox pirate. Lost against BM army lost a friend, and sacrificing his eye hoping to see the dawn of the world

+ Because of his journey finding poneglyph, he has bounty 382,000,000 berry

+ Similar to Gol D. Roger, despite knowing their life time is limited, they make a great sacrifice for the best. Plus they both die smiling

+ Pedro could stand koro gas than other minks

+ Pedro's rival is tamago. Both of them has not fight at their best form (sulong and count niwatori)

+ Pedro's rival in minks is shishilian. Pedro is quiet type, shishilian is the loud type

+ He see Roger in Luffy and he has a faith that luffy and SHs is there to bring the Dawn

+ He has torn left ear that make it looks like crescent moon which is a bit similar to kozuki symbol I guess

+ He can glide by spinning his tail

+ He specially train pekoms and carrot

Pedro's favorites foods and Loyalty
Despite working under nekomamushi command, his favorite foods are lasagna and bone which is the same favorite food of minks kings. It proves that pedro has loyalty to both of them. Pedro is the best minks representative if there is one

Similarity with SHs
I think pedro fits really well with SHs. I found there are so much similarity to each one of the crew, like

- use sword as a weapon and has scar on left eye

- use electric element and both are thief but in pedro's case it's Road Poneglyph thief

- use explosive as secondary weapon

- yellowish hair and smoking cigarette. Hide his eye with hair

- both have fur and could not stand extreme heat

- interested in poneglyph

- experienced dead

- both were a captain of a pirate crew. Jinbe sun pirate, pedro nox pirate

- golden hair

More importantly,
- they wanted to go to the sea with their mentor but their mentor (shanks and roger) refuse it :(

I kinda hoping that it begin with shanks as luffy mentor and end with roger as pedro mentor. Meaning pedro for the last nakama. I mean last one not next one

- I find no similarity with franky. I guess that's all.

But I hope he is still alive to show it, maybe like having an incident that make anyone think they're dead, but later on they survive and have some mechanical body part/being a half cyborg (i think that because perospero lost an arm because of explosion)

Addition, similar to Gol D. Roger, despite knowing their life time is limited, they make a great sacrifice for the best. Plus they both die smiling

I guess that's it, how I see pedro as one of the great characters in one piece. Dude deserve better, if you agree with me, we can have a little appreciation for him by voting him in the ONE PIECE WORLD TOP 100. LET'S VOTE FOR PEDRO

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Hero of Slaves
I love Pedro too

During the short time he was with us he managed to shine a lot.

The guy is badass, he fights like a real warrior, ready to take Pudding as an hostage (good move), fights with bombs, tricks, sword, electro etc. He is ready to blow himself anytime to sucess.

I like his dream and the strength of his conviction, his moments with Roger when he was young, his adventure as a captain and the disaster with BM, him taking care of Carrot and training her, his relationship with Sanji, with Brook, his relationship with Tamago : he managed to gain respect from an enemy, even BM was impressed by Pedro taking out his own eye to escape WCI alive and help the Dawn to happen etc.

The guy has to much style. One of the best side character we had since the TS with Cavendish.

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