Three Great Heavens - Old Versus New

Old Vs New

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Ren Pa

Rin Shou Jou

Chou Sha
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Hou Ken

Ri Boku

Shi Ba Shou

Went ahead and included Shibasou with the new as he will essentially by the Third Great Heaven of the modern era.

1. Which generation of them do you guys prefer?

2. Subordinates and all, who do you guys think was overall stronger?

Share your thoughts :)

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I really want to see Chousha now that you said it, wasn't he historically related to Zhao's previous king? The only mentioned Zhao GG we know nothing about. But i prefer the new generation because of Riboku being one of the central main antagonists for too long and the fact they are going to get more focuse in the upcoming arc. I think the chance to know more about Chou Sha has diminished.

Does Riboku have the likes of Keisha/Gaku Ei/Mangoku in the second round? The new generation have the martial strength and tactics (in Riboku/Houken) but Renpa is a balanced mix and Rinshoujo is arguably not that far below Riboku anyway in terms of strategy, meaning that the quality of the commanders of each GG can completely turn the tide.

Heck, i can even see a combo of Rin Family's 10 Generals and the Four Heavenly Kings bulldozing Houken/Riboku in a traditional warfare with only Rinshoujo in command lol.

The outcome could change depending on how overpowered Hara wants Shibashou to look.
R1: I'll go with old generation. The major disadvantageous advantage that new generation has over the old one is the Bunshin named Houken. For me Houken is nothing but brute who only knows how to swing his glaive good and doesn't care for the battle itself. In Shukai Plains he was seconds away from killing his own men. He gets easily triggered and the genius of Renpa and RSJ are sure to exploit this and use it to slay him.
Riboku is a strategic genius but against the duo of RSJ and Renpa he will be dwarfed. Shibashou hasn't shown much strategic minds so can't put much weight on him yet.
I haven;t even accounted for Chou Sha. lol

R2: Again old generation. In a full scale war RSJ will have his all 10 vassals. Even if the other eight remaining vassals are close or just below the likes of Gyoun and Chogaryuu, it will be almost an unfair advantage.
Renpa has a whole squad on him too. We've all seen how effective of Generals Genpo, Kaishibou, Kyou En and Rinko can be. Each one of them are capable of handling a huge army on their own. Rinko was incharge of the main force on Sanyou.
Now onto the new generation, Houken is an army on his own. Riboku has Futei and Kaine but we all know how impressive they are. Other than Bannaji and SSJ, rest don't impress me much.
I'll cancel out Shibashou with Chou Sha on this one.


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I prefer the old ones : Renpa and RSJ are chads. Rinko is one of my fav. The 4 HK are awesome and even the 10 heroes are great.
I love Riboku and Bananji but I don't care about Houken.

About who will win ?

Brain wise : Riboku => RSJ => Renpa > Shi ba shou / Chou Sa/ Gen Pou >>>>> Houken. So Brain wise the old era seems to have more quality even if Riboku is likely the smartest.

Martial might : Renpa > Houken if Renpa is really committed to the fight and fights for something that matters to him. Rinko, Kaishibou, Kyou En, Gyou'un etc > Bananji. Bananji is obviously at their level but the old ones have numbers.

I bet on the old ones too.
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R1- I prefer the new ones to the old lol. Renpa and Rinshoujou are cool enough, in fact Rinshoujou is a favorite of mine, but I also feel that they are more like traditional Generals which makes them relatively boring compared to Riboku and Houken.

Houken is a very unique antagonist in Kingdom. He himself is not a General, he only made it to to Three Great Heavens because of his colossal strength and because of Riboku. He literally joined the Zhao Military as its highest rank which is extremely unique.

Riboku himself is also a twist on typical Generals like Ren Pa. Riboku used to be similar to Ouki and Renpa in that he would throw himself headfirst into combat, but would suffer crushing defeats every single time until all of his friends and family had been killed.

Riboku is a General who doesn’t even like warfare and finds it barbaric, yet he is simultaneously the Greatest General of his era who rose to that rank by utilizing his own tactics that he created himself and by being a self-described “coward”

The old Era 3GH are cool, but Riboku and Houken are just amazing and unique to me. Shibashou seems like a complete boss as well but there’s so little known about him lol.

R2- I think in open war it could honestly go either way, and I can see arguments for both sides really. I lean towards the new though.
well old gen
cuz the new gen is just Ri Boku and him vs renshoj& renpa will be his lose .

unfortunately the new gen is just a name except Ri Boku
about Shi Ba Shou we didn't see him yet and not offically as one of the 3gg in the manga

also even in the history
Shi Ba Shou is not something special as old 3GG or riboku
his role is small and not big


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R1: Ren Pa's a pretty cool character, but he can't compare to Ri Boku, one of my favorite Kingdom characters. I'm not the biggest Hou Ken fan. He seems kind of out of place in a manga like Kingdo.

R2: 3 Amazing Generals vs 1 Goated General and an angry giant hobo.

Old Great Heavens wins imho.