Controversial Top 10 Best Worstgen Users

AL sama

Red Haired
No particular order
My drug dealer cheat codes: Color of Clowns
Shimotsuki Ghostly
Mr. Murderer
Mr. Google translate lite
Unfunny fuck
War criminal
I cant think of a 10th because there are too many people (Naito’s fur suit, Fake ass fan, Lucky Roo’s used toilet paper, ARMeni, Horo Horo Musume, Akai2, Jaguark, Middy, Minatomo, MZTS, Brock, Starving the proletariats like a boss 😎, Cracked out of my mind, Rayan, I sniff Cynthia’s hair, DKOS, Peppercore, Kiku, Eten, LANJI, Toby D Dog)
I don't dislike even those I fight with and 10 is very small so I am going to make groups with no particular order.
World Domination Evil Tubbies: @Mr. Murderer(GOATloaded) @Toby D. Dog @MonsterZoroTeslaSupplier homorary new member: @HERCULE SATAN
Akainu’s hype tools bros :finally:: @Tejas @Sasaki Kojirō @Oden Enjoyer @Mid baiter @BleakAsh @Officer naughty touch @Hinata fangirl @Ran out of arguments 12 years ago @Nikuzi (remaining members of the Akainu’s hype tools group)
Football thread( had a lot of fun during the WC): @Mr. Google translate lite @djiayebee @Urouge enjoyer @Leon fanboy etc all others I've interacted with.
Damaji bois: @Agni Angry Lanji fan @Warchief Damaji D Lame ass (the Lame ass) @Pinzolo *i forgot the rest of Damaji bois 😅*
Pinzolo bois: @Genuine Ssanji Fan @Crux @ZoroMazino (to the rest we've had our differences and have trolled each other but no hard feelings, its going to be fun now) @Fleet Admiral Bad faith argument Hung’s friend Maynard
@NikainMyMouth @Seth @EmperorKinyagi @Rottkins @Cracked out of my mind sama @RayanOO @Fujishiro @Psychiatrist @I once mugged an orphan
Ruffi bros: @Welkin @Adamxero @Ruffi is the mc and all the Ruffi bois I can't tag all day. :kobeha:
all the mods\admins too. If I missed anyone, its my memory lag so don't be mad at me.
My top users list (not in any particular order)

1 - Best fellow Damaji enjoyer: @Mr. Google translate lite
2/3 - Best Pinzoro fans WINGS: @Feline fucker and @Urouge enjoyer (therefore, equals)
4/5 - Best Waiting Room fiends: @Officer naughty touch and @NikainMyMouth
6/7 - Best fellow Staff members: @Hinata fangirl and @Cracked out of my mind sama
8 - Best traitor: @RayanOO
9 - User with the best reports to deal with: @MonsterSanji
10/11 - Best fellow Grand Blue enjoyers: @Lhulu and @djiayebee

Gonna stop here because I already passed the "10" limit. :sanmoji:

my list can't be any less then 70 so I won't post it
The True Ruler of the World:

@Rottkins -sama (may our noses honk as they touch the floor in his grand presence)

His Five Elder Stars:

Saint "Trolling Fake Furry" @Mr. Murderer
Saint "Kurozumi Were Born to Burn!" @War criminal
Saint "Best Future Stepfather" @Mid baiter
Saint "Ghost of 1,000 Memes" @Shimotsuki Ghostly
Saint "There's a Rabbit in that Barrel" @Naito’s fur suit

But there are plenty of other top-tiers, I'd be here all day if I listed all of you.

Thank you so much! I like that title too haha!


For great reviews for each chapter: Lampyris

For being mature in arguments: Nidai Kitetsu, Franosuke, Genuine Ssanji Fan, Celestial D. Zoro, Cherry Hilk, Senile shitter's Tekkai, NotAFanboy, Surgeon of Death, PuckTheGreat

For exciting predictions: Salah WG

For fiction writing ability: Den Den Mushi

For physique: VersusPhd, Pinzolo

Fun posts: GeneralP123, Shimotsuki Ghostly, Leon fanboy, Baby Jinbore fan, Warchief Damaji D Lame ass, MonsterSanji, Mango Senpai

...and also many mods. They are mature and fun.

Oh wow thank you dude, very kind of you to include me too!


Nice to see Mango Senpai get represented, I missed him out along with a few others like Lanji, yourself of course, JaguarK, Kurozumi Stronger and overall more reliable than Killer and Cross Marian for example so I'm ashamed!

Lmaooo the "damage control" part is so relatable, I remember you having to do something similar because you didn't tag enough people in a similar thread and you got flamed for it too back then LMAO! Poor Murderer! Will this forum ever have mercy on you? Hahaha!

Awww thank you for saying that! Though I’ll have to accuse you of dickriding providers cuz you mentioned Leten:myman:

BRUH LOL, I should have seen that coming, SMH! You're welcome though lmfao!


Aw man thanks so much! I should have included you too, I'm ashamed! You've always been great along with some others, its so difficult to not only think of everyone on the spot but also to decide who makes the top 10 and thus who you're willing to exclude! Its like powerscaling who you like the most, its not fair LMAO!

Thank you though seriously, its a honour/privilege! :catsweat::catsweat::catsweat::catsweat::catsweat:


1 - Thururuzao
2 - Lhululuzao
3 - Thururu
4 - Lhululu
5 - Thuru
6 - @Lhulu
7 - PaulOO
8 - TokOO
9 - @Mr. Google translate lite
10 - Illiterate old fuckOO

Honoroble mention : @RayanOO

Fellas let's just say that I'm going to have to fill out a lot of cards this year for the Valentine Day event
Oh god the Valentines Event, that is gonna be INTERESTING! Especially with all the new users we have and such too lol. Last years was a really pleasant surprise, I ended up getting a few for the first time in my life too, so that really shocked me too! I was immensely grateful for those naturally!

A certain "internet lord and Worse than gt genius" received a blatantly enamoured message from someone apparently, it was truly heartfelt and romantic and the "most intense" one I saw for anyone on here, which made me wonder who the hell would send a message like that and to them of all people too. Almost have to suspect it might be "ghost written" so to speak, maybe a "letter to myself" type situation? I'm just being snide though lmao. If that was genuinely from another person and thus written with genuine romantic sincerity, then all I can I say is WOW, LUCKY GUY! I'm genuinely in awe then LMAO!

:pepecroc::Worse Mentally ill Ace::luffylaugh::hihihi:
I forgot to mention btw, I wanna nominate my top 10 Worst users on here too, it is "WorstGen" after all! So here goes:

@Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst @Worst

Congratulations @Worst you are the Worst of us! The Worst of all time! The one who puts Worst in WorstGen!

(Sorry I couldn't resist the pun and opportunity lol)

Do you have a German cousin called Wurst by any chance? Are they a bit of a brat? A brat Wurst even? (Terrible dad jokes intensify)