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Red Tower
I think its a perfect solution.
Most of us think MDL is Exe, so I dont think it's smart for a jailer to focus a Exe. Pirate can deal with it and won't harm town this way.
can't we just use midnight as well ? If he's executioner he basically outed his target .....


Red Tower
Morning. Did I miss anything?

I will try to make a summary for you:

- You 1.0 got killed by SK.
- Flower had a duel with a pirate
- Drago was jailed
- Conq was witched
- Midnight claimed to be Lookout and spot Ryu targeting you 1.0, which should make him SK.
- Ryu claimed to be Spy, and we confirmed his role by sending whispers. He also knew Kawaii was roleblocked.
- Kawaii at first said wasn't roleblocked, which made Enryu come clean and claimed to have roleblocked Kawaii.
- Kawaii checked role PM againd and mentioned she got the message early DP and didnt see it earlier. This confirms Ryus claim even more.
- Midnight is most likely Exe and Ryu is his target.
- People suspect Kawaii for not saying sooner she was blocked, but only when Enryu claimed to have roleblocked her.
- Odd wants Drago lynched based on guts.
And Rej is the pirate
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