[FNZ] Role Madness Town of Salem (Unofficial)

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Host: Reborn
Coach: @AL sama
Type: Role Madness
Theme: Town of Salem

1) @Queen - Vig killed N2
2) @HA001
3) @Dragomir
4) @Don DaSlayer
5) @TheAncientCenturion
6) @RayanOO
7) @Dark Admiral subbed by @Flower
8) @Yo Tan Wa Vamp Hunter - killed N2
9) @Natalija - Consig - killed N2
10) @Steven subbed by @Gianfi
11) @NeutralWatcher - Mayor - killed N2
12) @Kiwipom -vamp - killed N4
13) @krogothwolf - Investigator - killed N1
14) @Relapse lynched- D3
15) @Celestia
16) @Seraphoenix - cleaned - died N3
18) @Cinera - Transporter - killed N4


1) Duration of each phase - First night and day phase would be of 15-16 hours. The subsequent phases after day/night one would be of 12 hours each.

2) Lynch type- majority Lynch that is to Lynch a player there is need of majority votes. Please note that there won't be any trials to keep game phases on schedule.

Vote counts would be made available in every 6 hours or so.

3) You can leave a Death Note (meaning a last will)

4) No talking about the game outside this game thread or in your Role PM with me.

5) Scums are allowed to chat during the night, they are not allowed to chat during the day.

6)No Whispering allowed

7) Claiming - all types of claiming is allowed. However, do not make it a claim bargain sale. Please show restrain while claiming and claim only when necessary.

8) Every player has to make minimum of 5 posts (merged post would be counted as single post) every day. Failing to meet this requirement would result in replacement/mod kill. Please participate in the game discussion.

9) Winners - the winning faction will get to choose the Avatar of losing faction for a week.

For instance, if Town faction wins the game then they all will collectively choose one avatar for all members of mafia faction which they have to wear for a week and vice versa.

10) To know more about Town of Salem check the link below.

The game will begin at 6pm UTC. Do not post in this thread till then.
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The Panda Bear Mod
Hi guys!
Welcome to Reborn Town of Salem.

It's beginning of the evening phase and you all can chat for few hours until Night one begins

Best of luck to everyone. You all will be needing it

Ze ha ha ha ha ha

1) @Queen
2) @HA001
3) @Dragomir
4) @Don DaSlayer
5) @TheAncientCenturion
6) @RayanOO
7) @Dark Admiral
8) @Yo Tan Wa
9) @Natalija
10) @Steven
11) @NeutralWatcher
12) @Kiwipom
13) @krogothwolf
14) @Relapse
15) @Celestia
16) @Seraphoenix
18) @Cinera
when is night phase starting?


The Panda Bear Mod
I don't fucking know lol. I just looked up a horse riding gif.

it is Tom Hiddleston. How could you not recognize him.
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Just a few?? Wow, basically turbo

I've tried looking into this on wiki, looks even more fucked up than Throne of Lies :')
I find ToS to be more straightforward than Throne of Lies.

I think we might be in an evening phase like the last time we played ToS. We started with a short day phase so players could get to know eachother before the first night phase.
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