[FNZ] Salem of Lies Town of Salem (Unofficial)

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I think you forgot Kiwi Reborn
Oh sorry!

@Kiwipom you got exposed without making any mistake however you managed that situation quite well in the game thread.

You and tac were really good as vamp team and definitely put town into confusion and forced mafia do to more work. I enjoyed seeing you two work as a team.

Your reads were also good as you were First player to pinpoint that don is werewolf and also about Mafia.

My only concern comes with your scum meta which flip flop between a bit aggression to being defensive on various occasions especially when someone is questioning you.

Apart from this I think you did really well especially if I consider that you had to adjust your game play not only from town to vamp but also due to being exposed because of our mistake.
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There right though, you did really good, very good when you consider you had to adjust from town to vamp quickly.

@Reborn Thanks, I felt I did a lot of work to get Dead Chat MVP!
You were really enjoying your time in dead chat as if you are permanent resident of that place:milaugh:
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