When should the Town of Salem Christmas Special Game begin?

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I accept and raise

Haha!!! This is accurate. The cats I take care of follow me back and forth from my office to my house all day like they need something when I already put them out food and water. :milaugh:

Since we were supposed to get those flood rains I brought the babies inside and I made thema comfy box, I didn't know one of them could jump out and it ran across my foot, almost had a heart attack because I thought a huge rat was in my house.


Get banned, bitch
But I can tell is some of them are really admire it. Its very sus. lmao
I can’t really process what’s going on in their minds. But I’m pretty sure it’s some abnormal fetish lol

It's not that deep lmao. I only voted for them after seeing you complain about them winning which I thought was funny. I'm not invested in any of the ships in HP. I honestly didn't even know Luna/Neville was a thing until I saw that poll.
I read the books when I was in school and every single classmate was reading it. That’s how I got to be part of the craze. You never got exposed to such a situation? ;-;
No I have but I rarely follow with what otehrs do anyways :kayneshrug:

I know a bunch of friends that were crazy about the series and now they even got their lil mini thems crazy about it lol.