What do you want most?

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Right when I joined mafia on Oj I missed the workshop arc game they had. But it was a good setup.

if you would do an arc based on floors I would do the Hell Train. That’ll easily give you your floor mechanic. And you can use multiple station arc flavour since the hell train is basicaly a saga
Fun fact, i stopped reading at Hell train :optimistic::optimistic:


Argonauts, roll out!
I had an idea for a ToG game where people can only interact with players on the floor same as them

But i don't know how good fracturing the game is
I had the same idea with my game that's happening soon now, but I have too many floors for that to be feasible.

I actually had many crazy ideas about this game, but I figured that it would be almost not mafia anymore if I were to do all the things I wanted to put in it :gokulaugh: