General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

- Fujitora is future FA and the strongest out of current 3 Admirals

- EOS guys ( Akainu Dragon Mihawk Shanks Aokiji Kizaru Fujitora Ryokugyu ) can beat up Kaido for most of the fight , but maybe Kaido will win in the end due to his Durability and Endurance

This is why his hype is all about him surviving attacks

Albeit if Oden really gave Kaido that big scar then i might lean towards him losing
- Mihawk is not a Top Tier

- Big Meme is the weakest Top Tier and past her prime

- All Admirals would defeat all Yonkos.

- Ace death was dumb and not sad

- Sanji is the best character in One Piece

- Ace and Law have the best designs in One Piece.

- Zoro has the best kimono in Wano

- Sanji is more important than Nami in the story.

- Nami is best written character in One Piece. Better written than Sanji and best female character in Shonen.

- Pre timeskip Luffy was unique, post timeskip Luffy is a rip off of Goku and pretty uninteresting to watch.

- Sanji still hasnt gone all out.

- Smoker is the biggest waste of potential in OP.

- Big Mom is the most embrassing character in OP and hardest to see on the screen.

- Smoothie is the biggest disappointment.

- Franky is the most forgettable SH and the one that is least closest to the crew.

- Robin doesnt exist and pre timeskip Robin was more interesting and a thousand times more beautiful.

- Zoro, Nami and Sanji are the most attractive SHs whilst Luffy and Franky are the most ugliest.

- Kuina had more potential than Zoro and was killed off the same reason Ace was killed off.


Kitetsu Wanker
Crocodile is much stronger than people think he is, because he lost to pre-TS Luffy.
Nobody will be stronger than Kaido.
Luffy never won against Katakuri.
Zoro and Mihawk are far stronger than people give them credit for.
Sanji is nowhere close to Zoro.
Jabra is nowhere close to Kaku.
Akainu is not stronger than other Admirals.
Big Mom is the only character that can rival Kaido.
Fujitora is one the most underrated characters in terms of power, people seem to think he's not a top tier sometimes: i find this notion ridiculous

Crocodile is much stronger than people let on

Luffy and Katakuri technically drew their fight

Doflamingo is much weaker than Cracker, he's not even comparable to Katakuri - not even close

Zoro is a pretty boring/monotonous character