Oda said Zoro currently the strongest
Luffy clashed with Queen and fought Kaido
Sanji clashed with king and is fighting Queen
Zoro disrespected Queen carried on the roof and is fighting King, he's hes only one to confront all 3 #BeastMaster
sanji clashed with bigmom
luffy clashed with 3 yonkos and 5 admirals
Yes over multiple arcs, but in Wano alone zoro has clashed/fought more high ranking beast pirates plus big mom and the supernova than the other 2 this arc. Don't act like luffy didn't need more practice to face Kaido than Zoro did seeing Zoro went from dresseosa to the rooftop


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Zoro came from time skip far stronger than Luffy and Luffy only caught up to Zoro after WCI
Yeah I guess the gap probably simply widened on Wano because Pre Enma Training Zoro was probably a guy on YC3 or slightly below without accounting for Asura and somewhere in the YC1 range with it so similar to Luffy. Now it's probably somewhat wider.
You get very few participants if you pitch topics other than Zoro or Sanji. Powerscaling and shitting on these charecters(Zoro and Sanji) attract more attention.

I wonder if any of you read the whole chapter and enjoy it. Zoro and Sanji got 9 pages in last chapter. We had another 6 pages covering rest of the chars. These 9 pages dominate every discussion here. Lol. Forget about badass panel of Momo and Luffy.

I don't think many are actual one piece fans here. If they are, they are missing most of the fun.
I don't think many are actual one piece fans here. If they are, they are missing most of the fun.
This is what really bothers me about the community, every part of the sub communities I've been in with the OP community, from OP Youtuber comment sections and their Discord servers too, to this forum and others too and what not, it always comes back to Zoro vs Sanji. I've seen the Zoro vs Sanji thread on here go on endlessly in the past like it did on Oro Jackson.

I'm certain Oda has been aware of this and keeps purposely trying to add fuel to the fire, especially in this arc ofc. He probably was even experimenting before with splitting up the crew into halves and having Zoro lead one and Sanji the other, but only getting each half for a few years each before switching to the other and they reunite finally for Wano now.

I've been absolutely involved with these constant back and forths ofc but it does get tiring and ruins a lot of discussions including livestream ones too. Even if Oda made Sanji and Zoro get along a lot better, have no more petty hostility to each other, work together a lot more and doing combo attacks/moves and such, their fanbases will still fight with each other for eternity, much like Tom and Jerry lmao.

I remember on my days of Oro Jackson too, seeing the Nami FC start a fight with the Robin FC and the back and forth between them too. Nami and Robin fans seem to attack each other as well, it's sad. Really goes against the spirit of One Piece and ignores the fact they are extremely close crewmates/friends who love/adore each other and would die for one another even. Or at least risk their lives to try to save them as they have done numerous times now ofc.
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The war between some Zoro fans and some Sanji fans is extremely childish. Both are amazing and there's no reason to belittle either character.
Problem is Zoro fans think he is a god while Sanji fans get jealous and try and place Sanji shoulder to shoulder with Zoro which pisses off the Zoro fans and they begin downplaying Sanji and then the fight begins with Sanji fans being mad and delusional and Zoro fans being out right insane about everything