sanjis characterization is good, and hes the only traditionally "hero" character in the entire manga, more or less. he even has a costume and a cape and a secret identity now. both sanji haters and sanji fans miss that his point isn't to be the coolest toughest guy, its to protect the weak and be a shield for the straw hats the way zoro is a sword.

even in baratie sanji literally fights a big shield and zoro fights a big sword. it sets up their roles as a protector and a killer.
Some times I feel very astonished about the fictional characters fans how they are ready to fight for their favourite character even if it is not real characters and it will never be real.
It's really a psychological case that deserved to study
The author of Bleach, Tite Kubo, received so many death threats via twitter/social media after he killed off a character in the final arc that he revived the character out of concern for himself.

If i were in charge of the sort of authority required, I would require all of those ppl be monitored and evaluated. That sort of lunacy is a half made sandwhich from Wendy's from becoming "What!? You forgot tomatoes on my Dave's Classic?! *gunshots*".
That would be one hell of a writing.
Yeah, it would.
And potentially it would give us a confrontation between WG, Blackbeard, Straw Hats and Revolutionary, something that can lead to the final stage:
-Teach's rush to Laugh Tale, to power
-he WG will consider him the greatest threat ever existed
-finally Luffy will meet not simply his father but the one who is willing to beat the crap out of the big evils they both targeted (WG, Celestial Dragon, CP0, Sabo stuff)
-Luffy crew and fleet will acknowledge their role in history, will take back Robin, beat Teach and go to Laugh Tale with Robin (and the legacy of O'Hara)
-The King of pirates, what remains of a New World without Yonkou, the Revolutionary army will go to war against the Celestial Dragons and Imu

Thanks, Rolling Ehichiiro Oda Nut
I know many people hate WANO arc and for some reasons rightfully so ,but I absolutelly love this arc and apart from Otama plot I have enjoyed almost each chapter(i have just been reading weekly from 984).I just wish that Oda now give Sanji and Zoro a fleshedout ext diff fight where both unlock another powerup.
The odds that Coby is ready to take on Boa and succeed are much highter than the general conception.

Its another thing fans are unwilling to except

Like both Luffy and Zoro, Koby is one of the few characters who use haki as their main ability in combat. We've seen how Oda hands out haki blooms. GIven how Koby already showed his haki potential back in marineford, imo Oda can easily have Koby beat hancock via haki bloom.
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Koby will unlock FS or internal destruction and hancock's getting captured.