As for Uranus being in Mariejoa , it's just a simple speculation :

Poseidon = ruler of Sea in greek myth , op's version is in in the Sea
Pluton = ruler of Underworld in greek myth , op's version ..... can be said to be in the Underworld ( at the root of Mt. Fuji , beneath Wano )
Uranus = personification of Sky in greek myth , op's version is in Mariejoa ? Since Mariejoa is the most "Sky-like" place in op

Wouldn't be surprised if Imu is Uranus , Gorosei bowing down to "personification of the Sky" while not giving that much shit to Akainu/Shanks makes sense .

Could be wrong of course . From my experience , using Pattern Arguments like this sometimes failed , sometimes succeded .
Uranus is god of the heavens or space in this case
There might be a connection between the former location of BM's poneglyph and the location of the third ancient weapon.

Zou's Poneglyph is on Zunisha and Kaido's Poneglyph is in Wano which are connected to Pluton.

One of the Poneglyph was in Fishman Island which is connected to Poseidon.
Sanji YC 1 stronger as kata king marco and yamato
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Fujitora is one the most underrated characters in terms of power, people seem to think he's not a top tier sometimes: i find this notion ridiculous

Crocodile is much stronger than people let on

Luffy and Katakuri technically drew their fight

Doflamingo is much weaker than Cracker, he's not even comparable to Katakuri - not even close

Zoro is a pretty boring/monotonous character
Croco get extreme diff by no gear hakiless monkey D luffy broooo