Speculations Urouge is a lunarian who dyed his wings and hair

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Simpel Down Resident.
I'll allow it

wait this also pushes UFBM agenda as big mom wouldve wanted him even more


It's certainly not an impossible idea and I love it, but I think he would have done better vs Cracker if he was one too?

Would be pretty funny for Kizaru to find out he let a Lunarian at his mercy get away too and also Big Mom was thirsting for King to join but had no idea another unknown surviving Lunarian strolled up to her territory and took down one of her commander children, but he wasn't just an "ordinary pirate" too then. Well it's Urouge anyway ofc, the definition of extraordinary but still...

I'm certain he's Birkan though, would make far more sense imo. I pray (pun not intended) he appears next chapter finally as it relates to his bounty too and he could end up being in that BB ship too. He would be great vs Atlas, York or the new Pacifistas even.
But I hope if he appears, he won't be used as a hype tool except for himself ofc.

Lunarian Urouge would be really nice though anyway. Unlikely but awesome.
Enel beats King so badly
Better CoO, range, DC, AP, Lethality... even speed
He bypasses any durable too

King has zero chance of winning.
He gets cooked