Theory Usopp will eat Kuma's Pawfruit

Ussop will take on Van Augur, who can teleport himself, others and perhaps projectiles. How will Usopp be able to keep up? By getting a similar power. Kuma's fruit allows the user to send himself, others flying. Very close to warping. Usopp can fly whereever Augur warps to. That is not all. The paws would suit Usopp alot. He is already used to using his palms in the way that Kuma does, due to his Impact Dials.

He also created Nami's Clima Tact. Which has a power that resembles the Pawfruit aswell.

Edit: For more details, see my video
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I think he already ate a DF, but he doesn't know about yet.

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I mean Oda deliberately showed us that Usopp can't swim, so I guess it's impossible for Usopp to eat Kuma's DF, because he is already a DF user
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Usopp or Franky should get Kuma's fruit.

Pretty sure everybody including Zoro drowns lol. Not just Usopp.
look at the picture, clearly Zoro & Sanji is swimming without any problems, & they are helping Brook & Robin, because Brook & Robin can't swim. the only one whose clearly having problems here is Usopp.
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Nami doesn't appear clearly in the frame, but she seems to be fine