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The Show's Over!

With a thrilling conclusion, [Kurumi's Star Festival] has ended.

Please congratulate the lucky winner... @Charlie!

Results -
6th Place: Nana
5th Place: Kagura
4th Place: Ekko
3rd Place: Pero
2nd Place: Lord Melkor
1st Place: Charlie

Please give our valiant contestants a round of applause!

@Charlie if u have a gun, please. do me a favor and shoot yo tan ~♡
A Shy Invitation

Yoshinon has said that Yoshino wants to go on a date today

First 5 players quoting this post will go on a date with Yoshino

Players that are on a date with Yatogami Tohka are ineligible for this date

Ripped one is in

Kagu Nyan

✨✨✨Hibernation mode on 🎵 ✨✨✨
dude i cant answer that lmao, you wanna cop tpein cop him lol
are you scum reading joy because u think she is stopping us from scum reading tpein?

so joy and tpein are teammates? if thats true i just suck at reading them and they got me here. i will just disagree for now. i think both of them r town and i gave u my reaosons. i will consider ur tunneling in a negative light at some point. ~♡
Could be or not.

You can check her interactions with Pein which seems very flimsy before she moved on to the Bonni thing. No further mention of Pein from there onwards.

This post just caught my attention because this was a post in response to why she thinks Pot is cwacing with a weird read on Pein.

You also had a long conversation with her regarding her resistance to the Zolo wagon. How did that end?
I'm lover, not fighter :3 but yeah, I'll keep that in mind, why not

What would be top 3 people you would and wouldn't shoot is a question I'd like to ask
Can you shoot now? Like is the gun an ITA?

Also I dont like the fact that so many people are ''town'' read. Has to be deep wolves in there, might make a list later.
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