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@Nana @T-Pein™ @MangoSenpai @Rottkins
Welcome back to the land of the living.
I had last place as well, I am not good at dating anime girls.

Still very useful.

@Nana do you have any invest results for us?
I was looking forward to more of Nana chat leaks :catblush:
Any gossip @Nana ? Let's girl talk
I have bad news for you :milaugh:

No results or leaks unfortunately

I tried to invest Gambit though
Is this an inno result? If so, I prefer you do say it for PoE.
Ekko's town.

Kagurashii doesn´t look town to me at all! She used a killshot on T-Pein and she tried to get him lynched last day by making some stuff up from the wording in his posts. She tried exactly the same to do with me.
Both, T-Pein and me are confirmed townies. Why don´t you see what she´s doing here? She didn´t help town in any way so far, she only ever tried to harm town as much as possible.
It's not that deep tbh. A lot of people suspected TPein so with that logic I'm scum too.

I found a post from Bonni where I see her suspecting Mango as well. That now makes two people suspecting Mango. Let's continue reading.
Idk what to tell you dude. Even drago suspected Mango and he's talking like he never did lol.
I need to catch up, but Nana's flip does not look good on @Bonnibel since she invested Joygirl guilty and Nana had the opposite result. However, it would be very risky for scum to fake an invest so early in the game so I am not sure what to make of this.
Not at all. pretty sure we've established that UwU was the one that manipulated my result.

Also I'd still like to point out I got Ekko as town last night ^^ I'm seeing Rej suspect Ekko skimming through and theres no reason for it.


Argonauts, roll out!
I did not read everything dude lol youre funny if you think im reading every post unless it's an iso.
speaking of which i still need to iso Rej's 5000 posts but yeah.

🥱 what do you want now
it was literally on this page

anyway, I don't think ur town
@MangoSenpai @Nana @Rottkins @T-Pein™

What are your current reads?
idk man, I wanted to stay dead so that I don't have to use my brain

but atm, Drago Bonnie

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