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thank you for the amp my love ~♡

Thanks for the game @Ratchet @Blue

I decided to do this because pretty much all my targets claimed and I dont wanna risk some bullshit from the WQ tonight or tomorrow, I hope you guys understand and good luck.

White Queen is likely Kagura, don't forget ^^. Pero/Pot and Meeyori are good boys and girls.
and when we needed him most, he left us
Primary Wincon: Make sure that at least Tohka, Yoshino, Kotori, Kaguya Yamai, Yuzuru Yamai, Miku Izayoi or Shidou are alive until the end.

no mention of natsumi

get fuked

hm i dont see anything in fuji's role that specifically allows a night kill to become a double day kill with an amp.

i think i shuda been allowed to do the same, unless mayuri's self amp is stronger lol

just realized how unlucky im getting this game lol

kill on jules canceled
3 nights of being unable to do anything
amp does not apply to my role

in return mafia failed most of their kills i bet they r more tilted lol

WQ has more kills than both mafia teams combined

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