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thanks for the game btw @Ratchet @Blue ^^

i hope yall enjoyed hosting this as much as i enjoyed playing it. id say it ran pretty well all things considered. was a bit frustrating at times but was decently balanced and everyone had a chance to win, even purple.

looking forward to playing ur next game. i liked the kotori role so cant complain

ggs ^^
You are Mayuri~☆

"Because I've met you....I'm no longer an existence that was born to disappear." - Mayuri

[Passive - Starwish] - A wish made upon the starry night sky. You are bulletproof all game.

[Passive -Divine Gate] - Being a Singularity, Mayuri can communicate with the dead. She'll receive one message from one dead town per cycle, up to three times in the game.

[Passive - Sanctuary] - Having an immense Reiryoku, if Mayuri is killed, she will superprotect all her targets for one cycle. Plus Mayuri is immune to manipulations.

[Passive - Holy Seal] - Being made of other Spirit's Reiryoku, Mayuri's targets have a voting power of 0 against Mayuri.

[Passive - Authority over Creation] - Mayuri's actions cannot be prevented. If Mayuri is targeting one of her targets, her actions cannot be tampered with nor can she be blocked.

[Passive - Shooting Star] - To prevent herself from fading away from existence, Mayuri will enter a chat with her last alive target, except Shidou.

[Active- Lahathelev] - Kerubiel is capable of launching numerous blasts of lightning from every direction. Additionally, it can fire golden wheels as projectiles. Kerubiel is very durable, taking numerous hits from Tohka and the others in their sealed form and not being damaged by a direct attack from <Fraxinus>’s Mystletainn. Additionally, it can summon a small sphere that turns into a cage upon being in close contact with its target. The cage can regenerate itself unless the core is broken. You may use one of the following abilities per cycle:

- Roleblocks a player.

- Target a player and kills them, if the player is the one who performed the kill on one of your targets the cycle before, upgrade the kill to a superkill. This ability will fail on your targets.

- Blocks the first player targetting your target this cycle. If this is one of your targets, blocks all harmful actions, except superkills.

- Redirects all actions from one player to another of your choice.

- Choose 3 players. These players will have their actions fail on you this cycle.

[Active- Judgement] - Her Angel Kerubiel is capable of acting autonomously from Mayuri, enabling Mayuri to use one additional ability this cycle [2-shot]

[Active - Archangel Kerubiel] - By fusing with her Angel, Mayuri is capable of performing abilties with a much more dense Reiryoku, amping one of her abilities this cycle [2-shot]

[Active - Shidou] - Mayuri was born out of the Reiryoku of spirits and the feeling of jealousy for not having Shidou all for themselves. However, even so, Mayuri only felt the feelings of those spirits and never her own. After Mayuri saw Shidou go on dates with those spirits, she started having her own feelings and a desire to not disappear and be alive, with Shidou by her side, as her existence and purpose for being born was to fade away into nothingness. When Shidou is the last one alive and all the other spirits who were part of Mayuri's creation are gone, Mayuri may target Shidou with this ability. When she does this, both her and Shidou will leave the game and will live happily ever after, winning the game [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Divine Retribution] - Locked

[Conditional Active - Mayuri's Judgment] - Locked

[Conditional Active - Divine Retribution] - After at least half of your targets are dead, you may place the [Mark of Judgment] in any of your remaining targets. If someone tries to kill the marked player, you will superprotect them. If the marked player is the last one alive from your wincon, this ability will also superkill the sender and becomes absolute. Day action [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Mayuri's Judgment] - Using her Angel Kerubiel, and having only one of her targets alive, Mayuri may pass judgement unto a player of her choice, as retribution for killing one of her targets. She will get a list of 3 players and brand them as [Guilty] or [Innocent]. If she correctly guesses the player(s) who killed her target(s), she'll superkill them through immunities. Alternatively if she is killed, [Mayuri's Judgment] will also proc with the same effects, only this time she must correctly guess who killed her. This ability will activate regardless of whatever action you are targeted with. Day action [1-shot]

Primary Wincon: Make sure that at least Tohka, ???, ???, ???, ???, ??? or Shidou are alive until the end.

Secondary Wincon: Remove yourself and Shidou from the game.​
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