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Year of the black beard!
I feel like Ratchet/Blue wont give scum weak fake claims though.
I mean generally filling 28 players is hard with this flavour. You are forced to go into S4 and extend to get proper roles.
And then there are a handful of niche characters that are unuseable, like the trio. They would be the lamest roles.

If we are in a DEM scum verse, then there is like 5-6 possible scum we can find. I am counting wildcard Kurumi to it.

Then with Ratatoskr we can get to like 20 characters, above 20 possible good roles when considering what's to come.
Now finding an equal share of fake claims would result in like almost 40 characters. There will be too much inconsistencies to find when using a fake claim. + Blue would have added alot of crap that would make me jealous of other roles. :suresure::neesama::neesama:
But I trust the Natsumi claim since there was an action to it and I trust the Miku claim because of the post restriction. Looks like a role that needs to gain interest quickly.:sweat:
Vote Lynch T-Pein

It looks like Rej said Pero is good and I'll trust him on that since he has flavor knowledge. I didn't like T-Peins shade and that's where my vote will go.

Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
Does this worry you?

Anyone from those in the game you do not like or like in particular?

And yes, I am on page 43 now.
Well at first I thought it was a type of russian roulette kill shot but it seems to be a game to get a kill shot.

In retrospec the only thing I'm thinking about is the consinquences of the festival results.


Guess the Kurumi festival event won´t end before the lynch ends? That´s suboptimal because the outcome of this event could probably have been helpful.


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Rottkins is the only one I can kinda vouch for


@Rottkins if you're alive respond
Kinda dying right now after today, I've read most of things here but to give something with at least one limb I have to sit to it in a better state than I am right now. I won't be mad if people will vote me off, I have a clean card but I understand that I don't seem like that xD glad that Rej is obsessed with me, maybe it will be a date?:hohoho:
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