Theory Vegapank - The Hive-Mind


Heavy Metal
Hey folks!

Instant with my theory itself and follow with explanations:
„The Vegapank we saw is one of many Vegapanks, which are some kind of clones or androids with mirrored Minds. Vegapank is a living Hivemind!“

First of all, what is a Hivemind? This means that every thought, every impression, every sensoring (see, hear, smell…) of an Individuum (in this case the Vegapank we saw) is shared a Main-Mind/Person, e.g. the real Vegapank.

So I guess Vegapank cloned human body’s and found a way to mirror his mind into the human body’s and additionally build some connection between him and his mirrored minds, which creates the Hivemind. This would bring him the opportune to multiply his genius mind, which could result in way faster researching. Which explains how there can be an island 500 years in the future (technology-wise).
(maybe this hive mind or mindmirroring is no science but a DF, but the result stays the same)

How do I come to that conclusion?

- The island 500 years in the future. Is it possible through one man alone?
- „Pank 02“ on the chest of „Vegapank“, which implies there is also at least a „Pank 01“.
- The very young appearance of Vegapank. She seems way to young for such a lot impact, even years before now
- The female appearance, why it is always talked about „he“, while this vegapank doesn’t seem to care of hiding the appearance.

What do you think about the theory?
Yeah in another thread I mentioned a similar possibility. Either he cloned his brain and implanted them on all these clones or he cloned himself into different races and genders. Vegapunk knows he can't live forever, so this could be one alternative that he can continue his work, so either via these means or he found a way to transfer his brain to a new vessel.

An island of people/clones who have/share Vegapunk's brain.


Heavy Metal
So it seems like the copy’s of Vegapunk can’t access Vegapunk, but he can access their view, minds and thoughts.
This is pretty much Hive-Mind!