Character Discussion Vinsmoke Sanji, the official vice-captain of the crew



We simply do not care.
If he's VC according to you.
Expect him to be treated like killer and bepo not Rayleigh or WB lol.
I think People when they mature will understand Sanji is best written character in straw hat crew . Imo let these kids bash I don’t think Sanji fans should prove his validation everywhere . Even I used to hate Sanji but when I matured I found him complex and well written .

Complex lul

Maybe you should start read some books, there is no complex character in this show for kids
I don't even want to hear about Lanji, who was paralyzed three chapters from someone else's acoc and screamed like Sakura chan. At that time, a 10-year-old girl was able to overcome Saturn's acoc. The fans of Landji kukold, the more him humiliate in each chapter, the more the fans want to put him next to Zoro, Lol.
Since when was it ACoC? Oda never said what Saturn was using, don't insert your headcanons just to slander.