Powers & Abilities Vivre Card Pack New Bounty Reveal.

Okay so maybe Fake News Morgans calling Luffy the 5th Emperor isn't really so farfetched after all.

I was wondering if it was a mistake on Oda's part when Bao Huang said that Luffy had the highest bounty among the invaders, when Marco was also present.

Since Marco's hinted range is around 1.057 Billion - 1.5 Billion Berries, which is Katakuri and Luffy's bounty range, then Marco's can only be 1.49 Billion at max, otherwise what Bao Huang said wouldn't add up.

Teach's bounty meanwhile is 2.2 billion- or 2.247,600,000 to be exact, it's only around 700 million or 747,600,000 more than Luffy's.

The only bounty who we still don't know about is King's. He should be higher than Queen's 1.32 billion, but we don't know where it ends.

Izo being around 500 million berries is fine, he's the 16th division commander after all, i know oda said the order isn't based on strength, but considering he was less prominent in Marineford compared to Jozu or Vista, being around 500 million is okay, 2nd division commander ace was only 550 million. Izo only joined on Wano, by then the Whitebeard Pirates were already famous.

The Revo Commanders being less than 500 million, which is less than the confirmed lowest bounty of a Yonko Commander alive (Charlotte Snack at 600 million) shouldn't be surprising considering that the Revo's No.2 Sabo is also at 600 million.

But this also makes me wonder about Dragon's bounty and if his infamy as the World's Worst Criminal = having the highest bounty in the world actually makes sense, considering how low the bounties of his commanders are?

A Yonko captain on average has around 3~4x higher the bounty than their commanders. If we were to take this analogy for Dragon, and multipy Sabo's 600 million by a generous 4, that still only gives us a maximum of 2.4 billion bounty for Dragon, just a little more than Teach's. Or even if we inflate it and multiply about 5.5 to Roger's level, that still only gives us a max of 3.3 billion for Dragon.

Can it still be possible that Dragon has the highest bounty in the world, considering how low the bounties of his commanders are?
Btw, if Luffy's bounty goes higher than Kaido's as expected, will Zoro's go higher than Beckman's? Is that what Oda is aiming for with these high Calamity bounties?

Luffy's goal was to "surpass" Shanks's crew after all.

Ben Bounty > Luffy's
Likely the case at this point, because Beckman > post-WCI Luffy.

But by the end of Wano, Luffy will certainly have the highest pirate bounty, unless BB is also involved at the end of arc. Luffy's bounty will match Prime Whitebeard's imo, and triple as it usually does.