Volume 107 - Discussion Thread (November 2nd, 2023)


In fact, we had discussed multiple times Kajuku's example and I even said in my first post about it:

To summarize: in a black and white manga you can draw black a lot of colors...bar one, because for white colored object you use...white lol.

Anime did not draw Ryo's blade green, brown, red or any other color that in theory could be represented as black, as whit Kajuku, but white, which is the only color it doesn't make sense to use.

That's why I see the problem.
Nico Robin's Geisha outfit was what color. Answer quickly!

Gorosei Informer

Oda still doesn’t know how the red haired pirates actually fight. He left it to the movie team to figure it out lmao
LMFAO YEAH TRUE! ON GOD! Probably why Oda had them just do a cameo at Wano too, aside from movie promotion and the lack of a Shanks arc too. But then again, he's probably just saving them for last and as close to it as possible ofc.

I was legit so mad when Toei said they faked half the abilities of Shanks and his crew for it, which explains Shanks fore sword I guess but also means Usopp and Yassopp doing that haki telepathy or whatever isn't "canon" either then?

Pirate Warriors 3 had a great idea for Shanks in letting him extend the reach if his sword with haki. Embedding bullets with haki to make them far more powerful too.

In pirate warriors 4 we're getting playable Roger, Rayleigh, and I forgot who else but no Calamities yet, despite King and Queen having full movesets, new abilities and hybrid forms they can use too now ffs lol.
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Imagine a radio podcast with Sakazuki and Aramaki
Scene: A makeshift studio with Admiral Akainu, Kuzan, Kizaru, Green Bull, and Fujitora sitting behind a desk with a camera in front of them. The set is adorned with various propaganda posters depicting wanted pirates.]

Akainu: sternly Welcome, citizens of the world, to our live broadcast! Today, we stand united against the menace of piracy!

Kuzan: casually sipping on a cup of tea Yes, because what's life without a bit of excitement, right?

Akainu: glares at Kuzan This is not a laughing matter, Kuzan!

Kizaru: in a nonchalant tone Yeah, if only we could catch them, that would be nice.

Fujitora: sighs We need to improve our strategies. Maybe we should consider incorporating more diplomacy into our approach.

Green Bull: slams his fist on the table No! We need brute force! Like our beloved Akainu here! He's the symbol of justice!

Akainu: visibly pleased Exactly! We must eradicate these miscreants from the seas!

Kuzan: grinning I think we should invite the pirates for a cup of tea instead. Maybe they just need some love in their lives.

Green Bull: pounding the table No! No love for the scum of the sea! Only punishment!

Kizaru: leaning back lazily Well, you know, some of them are pretty cool. They've got some interesting powers.

Fujitora: nodding in agreement Indeed, some of them do have a sense of honor. We should recognize that.

Green Bull: outraged Honor? Ha! That's a joke! They're nothing but lowlifes ruining the balance of the world!

Akainu: trying to regain control Let's focus on the task at hand. Citizens, if you spot any pirates, report them immediately! We will hunt them down with the full force of the Marines!

Kuzan: chuckles Or maybe we could just let them have a little fun. Who knows, they might even join our side?

Green Bull: yelling at the camera No fun! No joining! Only punishment! Stand with Justice, stand with Akainu!

[The broadcast ends abruptly as Green Bull continues to rant, while the others exchange exasperated glances.]
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Oda still doesn’t know how the red haired pirates actually fight. He left it to the movie team to figure it out lmao
The movie team: Oda-san, what are the abilities of the RHP? They must be something really crazy with how much they‘ve been hyped up.
Oda: Oh them? I actually have no idea. They‘re kinda like silhouettes. I draw them without actually having a final design in mind.
Movie team: …what?
Oda: Yeah, you guys figure something out for them.
Movie team:…
This community is reactionary as always...:kobeha:

Nothing changed. We already knew Beckman took Kidd's arm during the TS when Kidd wasn't more trained, experienced and Awakened.

But y'all discovered hot water just now..?

Should I remember you guys that Luffy almost lost his arm to Hody AFTER the TS?

Again, nothing changed.
Eustass Kidd will be back.
And you can't do nothing about it.
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The Captains spittin bars like always.
That's a testament of how he's ready to die.

No excuses :wellwell: