News Volume 98 coming on February 2021

Damn later than I thought. I guess they want to push back to have a buffer. We are already on volume 99 with current chapters (2-3 chapters in).

Guessing Scabbards/Yamato/Momo/Shinobu on the cover definitely, along with Luffy. That honestly might be it as that's 13 characters and already crowded. They are the focus of this volume pretty much
Has to be a Scabbard focused cover, plus Momo and Yamato.

I’d like it if Oda broke his usual pattern and gave us two Luffyless covers this arc, one for the Scabbards, one for the Beast Pirates. We’ve never had a big allied group (not just a few individuals) so focused on, and for so long inseries. A triptych of covers for Wano would be cool.