Speculations Vs Kaido is Yamato's Main Fight This Arc

Who is Yamato's Main Fight in Onigashima?

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The confrontation between Yamato and Kaido that began in Chapter 1015 is to be Yamato's main fight of the Wano arc. It is the climax of Yamato's story arc in Wano. This is a fight that was directly foreshadowed by Ace in Chapter 999:

Ace told Yamato not to let Kaido chain her heart as well.

Yamato has finally come to break that chain that binds her to Kaido. The title of the chapter is named after this:

Yamato declares to Kaido that she has come to break the chains:

Yamato's Character Arc in Onigashima
Yamato's battle with Kaido is deeply personal. Kaido has imprisoned her for 20 years:

This imprisonment has barred her from pursuing her dreams.

She wanted to accept Ace's offer to head out to sea with him but she could not. She then swore to Ace that if she ever got those cuffs removed, she'll set out to sea too:

Luffy removed the physical shackles that prevented her from fulfilling her dreams:

Now, as Ace told her, it's time to break the chains that Kaido has placed on her heart and destiny.

When Luffy questioned her resolve to fight Kaido, stating that it will mean she'll see him getting beat up, she declared that she wished to beat him up herself.

Yamato has challenged Kaido many times before, and Kaido ensured that she always paid a price. That's a debt she's come to collect on.

Upon realising that Kaido was truly willing to kill her if she defied his plan for her life, she rejected him as her father:

This is seen in this chapter in how she addressed him not as Father, but as Kaido:

Kaido himself comments on this:

Because Kaido was willing to kill her, she decided that she no longer cares for his life. Without remorse, she declares "Let my Father die":

And now, she's come to finally severe all connections with him:

Yamato's battle with Kaido is a battle for freedom. She has been imprisoned for at least 20 years (and potentially much longer. Kaido may have chained her life from the very moment she was born). This is her time to finally break free of Kaido. Not only of the physical shackles that Luffy removed but also of the shackles that bind her heart and the control Kaido has placed over the course of her life.

This is a battle for self-determination. Yamato rejects Kaido's control and dominance over her life and seeks to take charge of her own fate. This is seen in Yamato's response to Kaido declaring that he will make her Shogun:

This is the most important decision of Yamato's life and is one that she is taking as herself. Not as Kozuki Oden, but as Yamato. She shall cease charge of her own life. She'll reach for her freedom.

That's why she declares to the man she used to call Father:

Closing Remarks
This is a battle with a meaningful narrative. This is the climax of Yamato's character arc. This is the conclusion of Yamato's tale in Onigashima. If this isn't her main fight, then what is? What can it be?

What fight could compare in narrative weight? What fight could be as meaningful for Yamato's character (and the broader One Piece story) as this? What fight could be as impactful?

How do you exceed a battle for self-determination? A battle to cease charge of your own fate and forge your own destiny? A battle for the right to decide the course of your life?

Against Kaido, Yamato is fighting for her very soul.

Whether Yamato prevails against Kaido or not, this is the single most important battle of her life; she shall never again have a fight with such deeply personal stakes.
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So this is Yamato's big moment. Nice work incorporating the current chapter into the post.

I predict Yamato will demonstrate:
- general knowledge of fighting Kaido (his attacks and how to defend, respect for his toughness and defense)
- the ability to hurt him, base to base
- possible ability to force him to hybrid
- "Zoan" powers that hold Sheik up til Mario and Luigi are ready


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Depends if Yamato does join the strawhats then she'll fight Jack as the calamities seem to be reserved for the strawhats
I don't understand this argument.

How does your expectations regarding Yamato becoming a nakama take precedence over the narrative tieing Yamato to Kaido?
I don't understand this argument.

How does your expectations regarding Yamato becoming a nakama take precedence over the narrative tieing Yamato to Kaido?
Like I said I feel like the calamites are reserved for the straw-hat's and right now Jack is fighting Inu. We haven't seen Jack's hybrid yet so he could defeat Inu thus freeing up Jack to fight someone else.

Just because Yamato is tied narratively to Kaido doesn't mean Kaido will be her big fight. There's been multiple characters that have had narrative reasons to fight someone but end up being saved by a straw-hat such as Brook and Law. Imo Yamato will fight Kaido for abit and then be saved by Luffy like what happened with Law and Brook in their respective arcs .

The main point for Yamato becoming nakama taking precedence over her connection with Kaido for determining her fight is crew dynamics. Luffy 1, Zoro 2 and Sanji 3 has been the power structure of the straw-hat since east blue. Oda is not going to change that dynamic after 1000 chapters. He's had multiple chances with Franky, Robin and Jinbei but he didn't do it. Oda Even had Jinbei official join the crew later to preserve this power structure.

So having Yamato fight Jack (Queen and Kings Inferiors) keeps this power dynamic within the straw-hat crew . The strawhats are also becoming an official yonkou crew after wano and right now does not have a Y3 fighter. Yamato joining the crew would fill this role.


Science Nerd 🌌 🌍 🧬 βš›οΈ
Well depends on what's intended but yes most likely either way. It should both prove the longer and most enthralling overall.