Vs Thread - Guido Mista vs Hol Horse


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Hol Horse wins. While Mista is definitely the better shooter, Hol Horse can already do what Mista does but better.

But it's really hard to say. Mista is also the luckiest person ever(ignoring Poccoloco) if you think about it. I'd say he wins.
I believe Mista will win... even though I like Hol Horse more

Reason is simply Mista has shown far more intensity and profeciency during missions
Let alone the fact that Hol Horse himself stated that he works best as a "Duo" meaning his Solo action IS NOT really good... Mista on the other hand has shown to be good as both Duo and Solo
Which stand is stronger? Emperor or Sex Pistols?

Well, actually it doesn't matter a lot. They are kinda comparable between each other and the strongest stand is stronger only by a slight margin, whatever stand it is

Which is most important in Jojo is the smartness, a weaker stand can defeat stronger stands if its user is more intelligent.
Here we don't have a stand that is widely superior to the other, which matter the most are the stand users

So, basically:
Is Emperor stronger than Sex Pistols? Who knows? Maybe yes or maybe not...

Is Mista smarter than Hol Horse? Definitely he is

Result: Mista take this