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Do you want to see Ryuma Flashback after the War ?

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▪Welcome to the Fan Club of one of the most Strongest Characters of One Piece who protected his country until his death and his name after centuries still makes WG hesitating to invade Wano :
The King

● Ryuma was called the strongest in the world in his time. Not strongest man/pirate(Whitebeard), swordsman(Mihawk), or creature(Kaido). Just "Strongest in the World"
● He cuts down his opponents fastly in one cut like what Gyukimaru said and like what he did against Shirano .
● Ryuma was also bestowed the title of “ King” either for his Swordmanship or his Power in comparison with all fighters in the World .

Ryuma also made the World fear him and Wano country even after his death Centuries ago.
● He fought off the World gov and pirates. He also beheaded a Dragon in one move.

All of these feats he did single-handedly without help.

Not even Shirohige or Roger could FULLY instill fear in the world, even with the power to destroy the world or with the secrets of the world .

After his death he was considered to be a national treasure with his Sword 《Shusui 》 in Wano .

● He is one of the two characters who are known to make a Black Sword and other is Mihawk the WSS .
● His Sword's name is Shusui that has a great hardness and rised Zoro's AP by showing the ability of absorbing the two slashes from his other swords 《Wado and Sandai》

Even by Portrayal he is considered to be far above the likes of Oden who is a freak of nature and who embarked on journey with the PK and the WSM and gave Kaido his only scar but he couldn't make a black blade after 39 years even his daughter wanted to give his father's sword to Zoro in exchange with Ryuma's Sword 《Ryuma》.
Let's Appreciate this legendary Swordman .
Special thanks to
@stairs-kun :cheers:
▪ Members from GrandMaster Club :
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Ryuma's first defeat happens when he's already dead and with the shadow of a fodder

Chapter 467
Ryuma: It pains me to have this samurai body...
taste true defeat, for once...!!
That says a lot.
Undefeated in life.
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This is perhaps the best Ryuma's fanart

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