[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Host: @Dragomir
Rules & Gameplay:
  1. Claiming: all types of claiming is legal and will have no mechanical consequence involved. That being said, there might be specific roles that can't claim. Pro-tip for y'all, most of the roles in this game contain multiple abilities, so when it comes to claiming, you can't just say "I'm the doctor" or "I'm the vig". It don't work like that. If you want to claim your role, you're gonna have to claim each individual ability.
  2. Voting: to vote, please just write the word "vote" and the player name with it. All in bold. You do not need to unvote to change your votes. Please do not tag me when voting. Getting all those mentions is annoying.
  3. Cycles: each day and night phase will last 24-hours. In total, a 48-hour cycle. During the write-up, I will post a countdown timer for you guys to keep track of the time.
  4. Posting: you must post at least three times a day to be considered active. Failure to do so once will lead you into being mod-blocked. A second time will yield a substitution or replacement.
  5. Sundown: at the end of each day phase, there will be a dusk phase for you guys to continue talking while I get the write-up going. You may not vote or submit any day actions during this time. It will not always be officially announced. It begins right after the day ends or the vote cap has been reached.
  6. Deadline Lynch: the lynch system I will be using is a deadline lynch. The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be lynched. But, there is an addition to this. It will also incorporate a hammer lynch. If an x amount of votes is reached on y player, then the lynch will happen immediately. The hammer can be any number. For this game, it will be the majority.

4 Clan Cats:
1. @TheAncientCenturion
2. @Zara
4. @Jew D. Boy
10. @Fujishiro
11. @Seraphoenix
12. @Flower
13. @Cobra.
15. @Queen

StarClan Cats:
6. @Marimo_420 - Firepaw - Killed N1
3. @krogothwolf -
Darkstripe - Killed N1
14. @Nekochako -
Longtail - Mod-killed D2
8. @Finalbeta -
Bluestar - Lynched D2
7. @Fallen Prince -
Yellowfang - Killed N2
16. @Kiwipom -
Spottedleaf - Killed N2
19. @AL sama -
Ravenpaw - Killed N2
17. @Light D Lamperouge - Graypaw - Killed D3
9. @Natalija - Tigerclaw - Lynched D3
18. @NeutralWatcher -
Runningnose - Killed N3
5. @RayanOO - Brightpaw - Killed D4

Sunrise & Moonrise:
Death of a Deputy (Start of Day 1)
How to get lynched and get away with it (End of D1/Start of N1)
The Main Character is Dead N1 (End of N1/Start of D2)
The End of the Town Leader (End of D2/Start of N2)
A Medicine Cat's Peril (End of N2/Start of D3)
Tigerclaw's Treacherous Fate (End of D3/Start of N3)
Town's First Scum Kill (End of N3/Start of D4)

Do Not Post
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Death of a Deputy

Redtail, the ThunderClan Deputy has been killed by RiverClan Deputy Oakheart! Or so the witness says. There is more to this story! Uncover the full truth of Redtail's death and serve justice to the traitor among clans.
It is now Day 1
You have 24 hours to converse
The hammer is 10 votes

Countdown Timer
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