[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Rose of Despair!
now youre wrong? You lynched nat even tho she said everything. You can tell queen to decide but how will we know anyone went for sera? For all we know he will be alive and kicking tomorrow and claim to have been protected or something. This was a sure kill.

I dont like how adamant you were about not getting him lynched.
I wanted a 100% sure not Town lynch. But Zara seems genuine now, so I like him more now than Sera.
Okay I have another newbie question...can two townies have similar abilities? Because while watching everyone give instructions to everyone, I see someone has a similar ability to me, and I just want to clarify before I mess everything up for everyone.



Towniest Townie
Tigerclaw's Treacherous Fate

Tigerclaw (@Natalija ) has been lynched!

You are Tigerclaw!

[Passive - Deputy of ThunderClan] You are deputy after the death of Lionheart, thus allowing you to appear as innocent in investigations cause nobody will expect the deputy of ThunderClan to be evil right?

[Passive - Ambition] Your ambition has driven you to do inconceivable things, such as killing Redtail, one of the deputies before you, in order to become deputy yourself. Because of this ambition, whenever you perform your kills, they cannot be tracked on odd nights or watched on even nights.

[Activated Passive - Strongest Warrior in the Clans] You are currently the strongest warrior in the series, not sure about ever but of all the alive cats, you > them. Activate this ability during any night and if someone targets you with a harmful action it will fail and you will attack them. Can't use this ability two nights in a row. [3-Shots]

[Active - Natural Born Killer] You know how to use your claws. During the night, target a player with this ability to kill them.

[Activated Passive - My Friends!] You are aware that Longtail and Darkstripe, your two supporters, are in the game. Whenever you wish you can activate this ability for their votes to only count towards the person you are voting for. [4-Shots]

[Conditional Passive - Banishment] If you are outed as the killer of Redtail(flavor-wise) you will be banished from ThunderClan and you will lose your Deputy of ThunderClan ability.

Kill Ravepaw -
Your apprentice, Ravenpaw, knows that you killed Redtail, can't be having that knowledge.
Take over Thunderclan by killing Bluestar and remaining an indie or Take over ShadowClan by killing Brokenstar and lead mafia as their new Godfather. Your choice. Choosing either of these will cause you to lose your Ambition ability.
It is Moonrise. You have 24 hours to turn in your actions.
Turn them in early and I can start the day early
Same thing as last time with the reaction posts.
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