[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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how often do games on this site get hosted? id like to join the next one and redeem myself

congrats to the mafia, not exactly sure who they are or where it's listed but congrats to them either way

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
@Jew D. Boy you played very well. Only by default and this last day I had you as scum.

Congrats to the mafia team.

@Flower It's on next time. Murdering me like that.

@Finalbeta bro you gotta fix your game somehow.
It was fun being scum for the first time, but I think I prefer being town. Might skip the next game or two just because this is my third straight, but I’ll be back in whatever capacity :myman:


Ghost Princess
@Jew D. Boy damn you were scary. I sussed you the day I subbed in and even when you stayed with that vote on FB, I was skeptical.
But you just seem so harmless and you sound exactly the same as you did when you were town. So I stopped sussing you. Really well played!

Also for the record, I was right here lmao.
I think there is scum that voted for Beta.
:josad: I just didn't think that scum would be brave enough to all go for Beta


Zoro Worshipper
I mean me and TAC were the only players to sus Flower in this game 🤔

I was expeditious in grasping that her vote D1 was forced, she first claimed it was random, then that I was TMIing at the same rate

Mafia had obviously lynched me, I'm baffled only a few players understood that. I mean I was pretty much a nigh confirmed townie, unless I had lynched myself
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