[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Lol I am, don't understand why you even came out with this info. Next time as town please don't reveal even a hint of your role. It makes it easier for mafia to pick out the important roles in town. Roles like vig need a town crowd to blend into. So basically you wanted to tell us that you're a unnamed kitty cat who can't vote, ffs :milaugh:

The traitor thing, maybe it's the mafia leader?
Lmao seems pretty wack when you put it that way. However I thought it would seem pretty bad if it got reveled later on that I couldn't vote? Or is that not seemed as a bad thing?

...... sniff
Get a tissue bro. You might be carrying something from the last game
Oh, I was just having fun and I don’t really want anyone to focus too much on that. It’ll detract from actual scum hunting and slips made by players in the early phases. Likewise I feel like scum can use my spam as a means to push me or to side against me for potential Town cred. Again, it’s my being silly. We need to look else where for hints towards are dubious enemies. That said,So besides Krog being super sus, what else do we got?

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Sniff, I know you're townie if you don't want to get lynched then make sure you don't use your Power Role to kill anyone on Day Phase or Night Phase. I don't trust your reads so far.
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