[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Sniff looks like mafia ability. For what reason he/she ended day phase? Maybe to make the lynch on Finalbeta faster to prevent people from unvoting Finalbeta.

I think someone who did it might be one of players who are suspected here. Might be Illiterate old fuck or Flower

AL sama

Red Haired
I was told on NF that that’s an indie.
miller is towm
Cracked out of my mind is so weird with his no f***s given attitude that it's hard for me to view him as scum. Neko is 50/50 for me, I have no idea how they usually play, but they seem very hung up on my vote which is a weird thing given they voted for the same player as I did.
oh nice
Do you think that might be his passive?
what do you think??
And Cracked out of my mind...
I have no idea about him. He posted like 3 times and dipped and in his posts didn't really say anything.
is there a rush??
Like... Why would that be anyone's condition? Never seen something like this before.
naive thinking
Also where is Cracked out of my mind? His post is full of fluff not contributing and now he's gone. Same with Serahoenix.
I can't be bothered with that :optimistic::optimistic:


But Flower is too risky with her gameplay to be considered scum. I think only Illiterate old fuck is the only option right now.
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Film red hype tool’s hype tool Barracuda
oh no, finalbeta the town leader is getting lynched
and Illiterate old fuck will not be able to post tomorrow
https://pics.me.me/thumb_wsr-worksafe-requests-%C2%I smell like shit-thread-222427-50724072.png
Lmao you're fucking harsh.

NeutralWatcher? I am pretty sure it's in all his posts. It's not that important.

And @Dragomir
Fuck you drago


I literally cannot talk next phase and you're gonna toss shade at me. This could be anyone's ability. It could be yours. I already claimed / explained mine.
Okay that makes sense since you cannot talk tomorrow I think someone else. Do you still think Krogothwolf sus?
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