[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Light D Lamperouge

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝕮𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝕳𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖊𝖓
Beta- obvious reasons
Flower- went hard at Beta for no reason from D1. Also lol at the person infected not knowing.
Queen- For hard defense of Beta
Why do you think all 3 are scum? That wouldn't be a viable scum strat imo. Out of them who do you think is the most likely scum?

You- Superficial 'town leading'. All the while not really committing to solid reads.
I am not trying to lead town lmao.
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Wait guys, who are the two people who voted for Finalbeta last phase?
Neko and Flowa iirc.

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
People unvoting Final right before the deadline is also bizarre...I know he may have the ability to stave off another attempt, but there are as many good reasons to vote him as there are reasons to believe him. The latter, however, isn’t sufficient for me after this weird development.

Vote Lynch Final


Zoro Worshipper
I am sorry guys but this is the end for me

It was delightful to play with you

Looking forward the next game :)

My voters shall be the ones to be dealt with because I was an obvious town this game

AL sama

Red Haired
lmfao game throwing

in 4 years never once did I do that
Well, now I don’t like Al asking to be lynched...infection or not, he may have some wincon that kicks in once he’s killed by town. If we can just let him die from the virus, maybe that wincon doesn’t apply.
you're misunderstanding

I don't wanna be lynched but won't stop you either

go ahead waste your time
Why do you think all 3 are scum? That wouldn't be a viable scum strat imo. Out of them who do you think is the most likely scum?
When did I say all three were scum? We discussed this before when you asked me whether I thought Flower and Queen were trying a strat and I said likely only one is scum. As for most likely idk. Gun to the head says Flower/Beta, Queen in order.

I am not trying to lead town lmao.
Na you were. Especially with directing people to go iso posts and report back to you lmao


Zoro Worshipper
So...people unvote Beta and now he is OMGUSing Sera who pointed out how fishy that is?
Sorry sweet Flower but my meta is impossible to mentally conceive

My Mafia game and Town game can very well feature the same shade of color

Unfortunately you will realize I wasn't Mafia, but the legit Bluestar
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Sniff I just found it weird Al Sama and Cobra both unvoted you at the same time and your multiple lives ability is not townie ability. It's too overpowered.
Jew D Boy also did.
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He also voted me*


Ghost Princess
Come on guys. Unvote Beta ffs, he isn’t a good player I know but he isn’t scum. Blue star must be a legit claim because according to Marimo’s role, it indicates that he needs to find BlueStar (proving that this is a real role, not a fake claim) and that BlueStar will help find the traitor (so BlueStar is town)

With no counterclaim on FB, it’s pretty much proven that he is town
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