[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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King the Blue Fire
Pro-tip for y'all, most of the roles in this game contain multiple abilities, so when it comes to claiming, you can't just say "I'm the doctor" or "I'm the vig". It don't work like that. If you want to claim your role, you're gonna have to claim each individual ability.
There is the potential for Flowa to have some healing abilities too, I guess. Or very specific uninfection tools
The Death of Best Friend

Graypaw (@Light D Lamperouge ) has been killed.

You are Graypaw!

[Passive - Best Friends] You are best friends with Firepaw as you were the one who met him first. Thus, both of you are masons and have a mason chat.

[Active - Get out of my territory!] As you have a history of stopping trespassers from entering your territory, each night you pick a target to stop them from doing their action.

The ability below is only available once you earn your warrior name. To get your warrior name, Firepaw needs to get his warrior name.

[Active - Bring back WindClan!] --LOCKED--

Wincon: You win when all threats are eliminated to Town!


King the Blue Fire
Sniff didn't Kiwipom vote Natalija yesterday following Light's guide?

I think Natalija is scum.

What's your explanation of this? @Natalija
Scum wouldn’t be this transparent. Don’t kid yourself with that kinda logic
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8 people already dies out of 18 and NOT A SINGLE SCUM

7 townies and one indy. SO there is still at least 3 scums and one SK
Something like that. What’s your role Rayan?
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