[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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@everyone Has any of you read the source material or have agust have what to do?

Also notice in the second post by Dragomir, it says we are meant to find a traitor. Single not plural.

Is this again going to be a single scum game (like the last game) where we have to go find the traitor, before he either kills of the clan or succeeds in turning other townies into scum and joining his side as his clan mates?

Or does he already start off with other traitors? What does the original source- the book say? I think it would be wise for all of us to at least brush up on the basics.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

I would also like to make a claim. Similar to Krog I've got a bs passive where my votes aren't counted until I've unlocked my 'warrior name' I don't want to claim how to unlock it just yet tho. So even if I want to lynch a player I can't unless I first fulfil my conditions.

(On a side note completely unrelated to this- I first wanted play mafia for the sake of gaining the Zoro tag. Now it looks like I will lose it alot faster than I've had the Luffy tag for. SMFH :catcry:)


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