Questions & Mysteries Was Kaido holding back all the time?

Was Kaido only playing around?

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He only used FS when Luffy entered Snake Man. Was kaido holding back and having fun? Like he didn't take the fight seriously?

That would mean kaido is a monster. :crazwhat:

That dude ate a SKG an equivalent of KKG but with adv.CoC and immediatly counter attacked.

Before that he was struggling against base Luffy. Dude was clearly playing with his food.
I think Kaido used FS back then but seeing how they did not damage he didn't care.
Like why make a bigger effort if the damage will be small.

Ashura and later acoc Luffy changed his strat.

It could be also Oda just pulling shit as he goes
It was already confirmed from the start that Kaido (and even BM to some extent early) were just toying around because they're overconfident until Zoro was able to cut him that Kaido slowly began to take things seriously...