Were You Popular In High School/College?

Did You Sit At The “Cool” Table?

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Gawds no I was more of a loner, had my close friends who I knew were my good friends I mostly hung out with and everyone else I simply said fuck off. Hated high school was worst years for me, only good thing coming out of it was graduating and not seeing any of those dumb fucks anymore that I couldn't stand which is half of my class year.
Wow why so few people? Did you live in a really small village?

Just realized this was me at some point of my school life.
no its just that i had no other options and its was kinda late already.. we were 5 due to some ministerial systematic changes in the school regarding the locals and when the local folks left their expat friends left as well..

i mean yea the school was trash management in a nutshell but had great teachers.
Somewhere in the middle. I had friends in the "popular" crowd and I had friends in the "Nerdy" crowd too. Some people really liked me, and some hated my guts.
I don’t know but from most people i knew in high school, the closest. They tends to say i’ve been always popular in school..

And thats among the boys

This is cringe and i never trust what they said :lusalty: