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Who did Caribou Contact?

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The man who singlehandedly saved the raid on onigashima by beating kaido also known as the future king of the pirates
As well as the future captain of the strawhat pirates

This is a place to share your favorite caribou memes, fanart and theories
If i can change poll there will be a new one every 7 days and will tag all members

@Sanji D Goat
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@Kurozumi D. Trussop
@Kurozumi Wiwi
@Kurozumi Seven7
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Hard truth but
1. Caribou is sexier than Carrot
2. Caribou is much stronger
3. Caribou already has a bounty
4. Caribou is far more useful
5. Carrot merch already brought in the money, time for Caribou merch
6. Caribou has a crew which can join the fleet under his brother's command
7. Caribou is already a SH when he joined Damaro Black
8. Caribou is a logia, first one in the crew
9. Caribou is more interesting and already redeemed himself as a decent human

Truth hurts

The goat has won, sign me up