Character Discussion What are in your opinion the TOP 5 Frauds in One Piece?..

I think Oda leaves the strongest for the last. That's why Shanks hasn't done until Kaido went.

Now Shanks has shown one named attack and looking better than Kaidos stuff.

When Mihawk goes off this will look cute. That's just how it is bro
Fair point..

Kaido's still looking better for me..
Yeah but then again swordsmen specialize in Offense.

Kaido is still goated tho..his offense is crazy for a durability based fighter.

Do you think Mihawks first named attack look better than this?
lf Mihawk's slash to Whitebeard is the equivalent of Kaido using Boro Breath..

Then yeah Mihawks first named attack will be around Thunder Bagua level with cutting advantage..

l do think Mihawk is increasingly becoming a fraud with the more Shanks reveal his power..