What are you currently reading?

I’ve read a book called "Little Women" by Louise May Alcott. The novel is about four sisters, their life, friendship, growing up. In short, for me, it’s a one-time book. Of course, today the book will seem very boring for modern young girls. There is not even a storyline here. Description of their boring measured life, their worries, children's desires. Although it would be useful for them to read because children's selfishness is still relevant today. This book is also suitable for a more adult female audience, there is something to think about child-rearing. The story is not modern at all, and the book is not very exciting, but I do not regret having read it. A recommendation only for lovers of women's classics.
I finished "When Breath Becomes Air" which destroyed me. It is a memoir published after the death of its author. It was written by Paul Kalathini and it chronicles his time as a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at 36. It is definitely worth reading.

Now I am reading "Bear Town" by Frederik Backman. It is about a small town where hockey is everything and how a scandal changes all that.


Ghost Princess
Whats it about? A monster?
It's one of his collections of short stories, so there's four in this book.

The first one was about a teenager who finds that his dead friend's phone number still works. It's a meh story lmao
The second one (current one I'm reading) is about the world ending.

I haven't gotten to the other two stories so idk what they're about yet!