Questions & Mysteries What Do You miss the Most about Pre Timeskip?

I miss when Luffy was gaining crew members on his ship. It felt really cool seeing his crew grow bigger. Jimbei doesnt count, it too long but I did like his entrance at Onigashima. The crew felt tight, they still are but you dont get as much focus as before. We get little sprinkles here and there like before egghead island but eh...
I think what people miss most about pre-timeskip is the sense of adventure they got from watching the anime. A lot of the more iconic moments from the series are only remembered as well as they are due to how the anime handled them (i.e. Gear Second, Luffy's final Jet Gatling Gun vs. Lucci in Enies Lobby or the entirety of Marineford). I believe the anime contributed just as much to people's enjoyment for pre-timeskip as it is harming post-timeskip One Piece.

Overall though, post-timeskip is less Straw Hat-centric than pre-timeskip, which is why some people don't like it as much.