Episode Discussion What do you think about Floch overall ?

He became my favorite character (was in my top 3 before that) shortly after the 139 debacle

and this is confirmed even more with the recent episodes

I could say tons about his excellent writing (most well written character in the serie), his incredible evolution, the war against his sjw haters :crazwhat:

He is perfectly right to fight for Paradis against Alliance (composed of Mahr and hypocrits traitors with plot armor and huge fanbase)


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Annoying and delusioned(for my taste).

As a character, decent. He works as a self-projection to readers/watchers who dislikes the lack of proactivity from Eren but started enjoying his Post-Time skip version, in resume, he represents the Yeagerist alienation: turning an average soldier into a fanatic. That allegory function explains the comments above.

Speaking about development, there's a misunderstood here. Floch changed a lot, that's true, however you can't really call it "development".
Insert a time-skip and write an almost new character it's different from building that process in panel through consequences and monologues(the most common pattern). Again, it's alright since he has a secondary/support role, but you have better examples in the series.

Overall, he's ok.
I really enjoyed his portrayal in the last few episodes he's been in. I would even say he has become my favorite character. While he is very cheeky, inexperienced and fearful at first in season 3, in the final season he shows himself to be an intelligent and capable leader who in the end even surpasses himself to achieve his goal. Unfortunately, due to the timeskip, I miss the character transition from the old Floch, who accused Eren of letting his emotions guide him too much, to the new Floch, who was loyal to Eren. By the way, I posted a video of his most memorable moments.