Break Week What happened to zoro vs orochi?

Orochi was one of the worst things in this arc.The guy got killed like 4 times.Fucking Jason Voorhees.He didn't even put up a fight,i hope his fruit is reborn into better hands.
Zoro killing Orochi is Connected to Zoro killing Kaido, since it didn't happen it greatly diminish the probability of ZKK. :josad:

Ya'll guys really didn't understand when we bring up ZKO we really supporting ZKK :kata:


One Piece sucks
Oda killed the only real build up that would have made zoro have great impact in this arc

He forced zoro into Rooftop battle.
Zoro came and never spoke about fighting kaido till the raid
We had Zoro confront orochi and his men, wanting to avenge yasu throughout the arc.

Well you guys got fanservice Feats instead of getting proper fights and characterisation for Zoro